Friday, January 02, 2004

Presently preparing one of my fine sweet potato curries. I remember that when my brother, Joss, came to Japan for three years he returned to England with sharpened curry-making skills. And it looks like I may be a pro by the time I leave too. Apart from curry, all I can cook is yaki-soba (fried noodles), yaki-udon (fried fat noodles), miso soup and the old 'fish with rice' number. It's actually very cheap to eat good healthy and reasonably priced food at restaurants in Japan. My favourites are 'sukiya', which is a gyuudon (specially cooked rice with meat on top) chain, kaiten sushi (restaurants with sushi dishes on a conveyor-belt) and the occasional bowl of rahmen (chinese noodles). It's often cheaper to eat out anyway. At school I eat either o bento (varied meat, vegetables and rice, lunch-box style), or higawari don (bowl of the day).
The curry is done and I've just taken a couple of pieces on my palette. Damn good, damn good!!
Akiko has gone to her family gathering in a local village tonight, and of course, I'm not invited. I'm going skiing tomorrow so an early night is on the cards.