Friday, March 23, 2007

Farewell frenzy (クレージな送別会)

Last saturday there was a leaving party for four guys who regularly frequent the Rat Walls climbing gym. Fujimoto, who is going back to Hokkaido after completing his degree here at the University of Hirosaki; Rider, whose real name I've never learned, is heading down to Yokohama to start a new job; Cris, who by now is probably taking off from Narita heading back to Australia, and me, who will be heading back to blighty in the beginning of April.

At the second place things started getting a bit crazy. After we all got sat down Hanada san, for some reason, whipped his shirt off and started egging everybody else on to do the same. Shirts came off and arm wrestling was the favourite sport for most that night. Followed by karaoke and Tequila shots.

Cris and his aura.

Hikaru, unable to find the bathroom.

Cris again, perhaps feeling a little out of shape next to the mighty Rider.

Bancho and I ripping it up.

Me, Kaicho and Cris, lamenting the loss of good friends.

Finally a shot of Hanada san, who orchestrated most of the frenzy that night.

This Sunday is mine and Aki's big engagement party. I pick up the tux tomorrow morning and I'll be spending most of tomorrow night trying to master the relatively long and quite emotional speech that I have to make in Japanese. So, there will be a lot of photos from that event coming up soon on this page, hopefully I'll get time to update before I leave for home.