Friday, January 09, 2004

Ohayou gozaimasu. I woke up feeling very much asleep this morning. I drank a cup of tea before I left my house and then a cup of coffee upon arrival at school. In fact, I just finished the coffee about ten seconds ago. I've dished out all of the omiyage (souvenirs) that I bought in Hokkaido for my teachers. I think they might hold me in higher regard now that I've given them some sweets. The sweets were called wakaimo, whatever that means. (It doesn't have any meaning at all, I just checked on my dictionary). The snow continued to fall pretty hard yesterday, but it didn't settle too deep because of the type of snow that fell. It was a small hard snowflake that fell like frozen rain, but settled without melting. I'm not surprised it doesn't melt because the temperature is about 0c out there. At this temperature you would expect a nice kind of snowflake to fall, but that's the way this winter is shaping up - weird. More heavy snow projected for the weekend though, with 80 percent chance of precipitation on both Sat and Sun.
Enough about the snow, and more about what I have planned for the coming months.
I spent quite a bit of my time looking at online tefl courses yesterday. I have had my eye on one course: - but I don't know if this is extensive enough for me. I mean, if I am going to get a qualification to Teach English as a Foreign Language, and if I have the time to do a lot of studying here in Japan (which I do have), then why not go for something with more balls? Anyway, after looking around at my options, and being unable to find some idea of how much I would have to pay, I decided that maybe I should just stick with the basic course, the one above, just in case I never get to actually use the qualification. Just finished my second cup of coffee and am about to continue with my personal diary, which isn't available on the net. I've been writing it for some time now and it basically consists of ramblings and thoughts about stuff. Joss, don't go clambering onto my hard drive to fetch this stuff (that is, if you can). It's something that I'm still working on, and so it is off limits.
Peace out brothers and sisters