Monday, November 01, 2004

more mountain shots

These are from saturday. This photo below shows a very hazy Iwate san down in Iwate prefecture. It's the one poking it's head out behind everything else.

This is the Hakkouda sanmyaku on the other side of the Tsugaru plane.

If you look really hard to the right of the horizon in this picture, you might be able to spot the island of kyuurokujima. This is one of two islands that sit off the West coast of Hokkaido but actually belong to Aomori prefecture. Also, it's not so easy to find them on a map, but if you can you'll see two little dots with nothing going on there. Nobody lives there at all. Apparently.

This is a shot of Reyn, whose birthday it was on saturday night. A load of us had a good night in an Izakaya down in Kaji machi.

This is Mt. Fuji from Kitadake