Saturday, September 16, 2006

Bi-annual mid year pilgrimage to Hakkoda.

I climbed Hakkoda with a girl called Naoko the other day. She's an old friend of mine who I've known since I got here to Japan and I haven't climbed with her since our excursion to Iwate-san last year. In fact, Ihaven't been up high for a few weeks now due to the stinking hot weather throughout the summer and the over-abundance of bugs and snakes on Iwaki.

It was a good day, though, last Monday, and it was an easier climb than what I'm used to.

Here are some shots. I didn't take many, and those that I did take aren't much to look at. Anyway:

Such a long time without cool fresh air. It can make a man wild. Here I am getting my load.

Naoko, as usual, prepared quite a varied lunch, and put my efforts to shame. Orange Heart on the corner of the 394 took care of my tucker on Monday.

This is the famous Sukayu onsen where men and women bathe together. Well, it's usually about 40 old men hanging around waiting for a young girl to walk in. The peak in the background is O dake, the highest point in the Hakkodas.

I'll try and get some good indoor climbing shots tomorrow and post some pics of my recent climbing routes. There's some sticklers!