Friday, October 10, 2008

Training Update

Well, it wasn't to be on Sunday. I planned, as you'll likely remember from my previous post, to run a 23m extension of my usual route down the river. It was tough from the outset, so I trimmed it down a bit and did 18m instead. I did the following route:

It didn't go quite so smoothly as the time I ran this distance before, and I'm not sure why. Maybe something to do with my overall energy levels or something.

However, I did run again yesterday. I did a return to Five Mile bridge, which equates to 11m altogether from my home. I won't bother with a map for this one. It felt really good though, and I achieved a time comparable to that which I managed at Mablethorpe a few weeks ago.

My current overall training system is as follows: One week I run 11m on the Wednesday, then 15m on the Sunday. The following week I run 6m on the Wednesday and 18m on the Sunday. I'm trying to increase the distance for the long Sunday run though, and whenever I run 6m on a Wednesday I time myself to see if I can beat my personal 10k best (42 minutes).