Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sunny Lincolnshire

Coming back from Pleasley Vale.

There are three or four different power stations lined up along the Lincolnshire Trent river. From certain viewpoints you can see them all. I could see just two from this layby between Tuxford and Darlton. Aki says that days like this one in Lincolnshire remind her of the Simpsons.

Aki's trying to ignore my lens, walking back along the peer at Skegness. Skegness can be a very agreeable place at times, and a complete hovel at others. We had a great day though, and Aki enjoyed her chips and ice cream.

It looks like a big fun Ru.....

It was fun, and it gave us lots of photo opportunities.

Skegness is so bracing.

Walk along the beach after all that ice cream. Asked if she wanted a donkey ride, Aki replied "yada".

Lots of space on Lincolnshire's coastline. I'd like to get down there for a run sometime, but it takes an hour in the car so I probably won't bother.

I'm in a clouds Ru....

While the Hirosaki Neputa festival began yesterday, I reckon Aki had enough fun in Lincolnshire not to get too down about missing it. Maybe next year.