Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another garden post

This blog may yet become more monothematic than it was when I was climbing Iwaki every weekend. The pass time in question is gardening. No, I should say hardcore gardening. Yep, gardening has gotten wild up at Canwick plots with no end of cut-throat action and drama. Read on for details.

P.S. I have to practise my Japanese for mingling with the in-laws this summer, hence the funny writing below each picture.


Aki taking in some rays


Grass gone wild and my two sinks


Three different types of squash: Hokkaido, uchiki kuri and bonbon


Looking into the greenhouse, the seedlings are growing steadily

ズッキー二:黄色か、緑色か、ドッチになるかな 。。。

Our courgettes (above) haven't fared very well so far this year. I didn't harden them off though, which is proving to be a very important part of plant husbandry in my experience. We've got more, as the photo here suggests, so there will be more chances. Thing is, I can't remember which ones are green and which ones are yellow...

これは茄子だ まだまだですね  トマトも茄子と同様に育てる

I was given this aubergine plant by my mum. I'm treating it much the same as I would a tomato plant, keeping it in the greenhouse throughout the season though. With my tomatoes I'm keeping some in the ground inside the greenhouse and some outside in pots. I'm pumped to see how they differ in terms of productivity!!

サヤインゲンは他の豆の種類よりも大好きですよ ー 今年はいっぱい育てる予定なんです

Well, I wasn't impressed with their capital city's transport system, but their beans are top notch!! I have plans for two good rows of French beans, but they are slow to grow which naturally makes one anxious. The last couple of days have been good for the beans, being nice and warm, but we need more!!

唐辛子とパプリカが温室の中にある、良く育つ様に 。。。

Sweet and hot peppers, both need the heat they can enjoy inside the greenhouse. Last year's plants didn't fruit successfully because we planted them outside. By the time the fruits got going the temperature dropped and they died.

長ネギのジャングルだ もうちょっとしたら庭に植えるけどしばらくはスペースがない!!

A jungle of leeks, waiting patiently to go outside to their final growing spots. Got to wait till they're the size of pencils though, which shouldn't be long.

植木鉢に植えたイチゴ 。。。イチゴ畑もあるんだけどすぺーすがないからね

Strawberries among the strongest looking plants on the plot. Two plants potted and the other eight in a bed of their own.

彰ちゃんが作ったモグラの墓 。。。五匹が寝ている 。。。ごめんねモグラちゃん

Grave of the moles, wherein five poor souls lay.

美術的な彰ちゃんね 。。。

Aki was the thoughtful one here, and using her creativity she made them a home


Brassicas on the right, various on the left. In fact, I haven't managed to get the main crop on the left yet. It was meant to be sweet corn, but my first batch has shown serious weaknesses. They are dropping like flies.


The calabrese is coming on well. I have a lot of hope pinned on my brassicas this year so I'm keeping a very close eye on them. They've been visited briefly by the slugs but I've gotten some organic slug pellets and they seem to be doing the job. I have some rhubarb tea brewing for them as well to keep away the white fly and cabbage whites.


Badboy sprouts looking healthy. Eight plants should see us through the winter. No doubt we'll have some poor performers though, so who knows.

これはね、パースニップという野菜ですよ。形はニンジンみたいに見えるし 味は霜が降りると甘くなります

I've got two grades of parsnip on the go. The standard grade, which are pictured, are in the ground and are currently in need of thinning. The high grade parsnips are planted in long terracotta cylinders. They are being hosted by good quality compost and nothing else. They compete with nothing else in their environment and have a loose, smooth root potential of about 60cm - 70cm in the longer cylinders. This, hopefully, will produce some long, straight, sweet-tasting roots.


Lovely bit of chives, flowering at present