Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer trip to Aomori

We went back to Hirosaki at the weekend. Though it reached at least 30 degrees each day, it was a cool contrast to the weather we have here now in Tochigi - 36 degs yesterday, and as sweaty as you could ever imagine. The humidity is through the roof, though we're starting to get used to it now.

Aki is ready to jump on the train to Aomori city for some rasera!
青森市へ行こう!! ラセラ ラセラ!!

Shea is modeling this season's jinbe range. It was funny, Aki's three year old niece was calling him Shea chan!!

Pretty scary looking construction here. Devil, maybe?

A typical, yet really impressive looking Nebuta float.

It was great to see everybody up there enjoying themselves this summer, even though it's been a really challenging year for the whole of Japan. Setsuden 節電 (electricity conservation measures) are in full effect, and it's a real scorcher this year, which means we've all got to put up with it and get on with things. A damn good lesson is being learnt over here right now, where people learn about the vulnerability of energy supply and what it's like without it. Hats off to the Japanese for the way they've risen to the challenge.