Monday, July 11, 2011

Unfamiliar Critters and Garden Progress Report.

Our garden is crawling with insects which I am unfamiliar with. Yesterday I went to get some shots of those creatures but sadly, they were a bit camera shy and all I could manage were the following.

Some sort of ladybug.

The dragonflies are so tame you can literally pick them up and play with them.

No, the third critter in this series is not me, though I'm probably responsible for most of the damage that happens to the plants! You can't see it from here, but the third critter is a tiny mosquito which is sucking the blood from my neck as I pose for the shot. Mosquitos are no threat to the plants, but they are a real nuisance to me and Aki. This why I am wearing full body gear in the 34 degree humid heat. Not the comfiest way to garden, but the safest.

Goya coming on well.

Pumpkins doing fine, despite a recent discovery of powdery mildew!

The crow which overlooks my soy beans.

Tomatoes on the vine.

Pumpkins growing on the compost heap.

Another pumpkin plant, and below, this year's beats. They are looking good, and should be ready for picking in early August.