Sunday, February 06, 2011

Return to Hirosaki

I've been in Hirosaki for five days now, and funnily enough the weather's been fine. It's plain to see that before I came the weather was quite different though.

There has been a lot of snowfall in recent weeks, but now the temperature has risen and things are heading in the opposite direction. Lingering still, are the huge mounds of snow that people create when clearing snow from the roads.

Besides the weather there have been other super-cool, interesting things going on. We went to a very nice sushi restaurant and had a spot-on selection of fishy treats. Among which, I myself ordered two different varieties of shellfish. Though I now can't remember what they were.

And apart from all of the paperwork that goes hand in hand with immigration to Japan (the health insurance, alien registration, pension avoidance etc.) we've not been up to a great deal. After all, the overall strategy for the next two months is to live as cheaply as possible until I start to earn some money. It will come though, eventually. It's just difficult to wait that long having already seen how nice the place we are going to live is.

I'll end this post with a brief selection of photos from our daily adventures. And, hopefully by the end of next week, Biffa's blog will have its first display of mountain diary shots. I feel like I've been here before!!