Friday, June 26, 2009

The next big one

I'm training again, clocking up about 27 miles a week. I had a difficult time after the Paris marathon with a lack of motivation to run and energy levels flagging. I've recovered fairly well now, though my performance is not quite what it was like three or four months ago.

The reason for the continued training is straight forward: I have another big goal. The next big thing is this:

It's a 25 mile route around my old favourite mountain in Aomori, Japan. The mountain's name is Iwaki san. It will most likely be the hardest slog of my lifetime since there is elevation to deal with, and to top it off I'll be running in 30 odd celsius and full humidity.

I went out and bought myself some good sports sunscreen yesterday though, so I should have plenty of protection. And I haven't yet worked out an exact date for the run, but it'll most likely be around my birthday - 3rd Aug - a few days after we arrive in Aomori.

I have a couple of mountains to do while I'm there as well. Shortly after arriving in Tokyo I'll be heading out to Kanagawa where I will make an attempt at 丹沢山 or Tanzawa san. It'll be a long old day, getting up for the train early in the morning. But it should feel a lot like the good old days when I used to climb mountains all the time. Then, shortly before heading up to Aomori I will climb つくば山 in Ibaraki prefecture, just north of Tokyo. Thus ticking another two peaks off my 百名山 challenge.