Saturday, August 07, 2010

Aly Tadros and Chloe Charles

I would first just say that Blogger has cost me about six hours of upload time with the first video, due to some error (!**@%!). Most frustrating. However, I'm going to skip it and embed them all using Youtube instead.

About this video and the shots.

We went to Screveton on Thursday evening to watch a couple of North American girls play their guitars and sing at Alan's house. One of the girls was Canadian and the other was from Texas. They were really good, and it was a unique experience with the location being so personal. The two girls later drove back down to London, then flew to Milan for the next stage of their European tour.

The two girls in the middle are Aly (left) and Chloe (right). They played some really lovely songs with their guitars, through a sound set-up that was surprisingly crisp. It was a performance where you could quite easily get involved in the music without other interruptions or noises (cars on the A46 were but a gentle hum that added to the overall ambience).

Another post will be available later with Alan's personally dedicated 'Salamander' by Chloe Charles.