Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snow, snow, and then a bit more snow

The following pictures are from this last week. It's been a good week, with lots of things going on. We've got ourselves some mobile phones, which has kept us busy working out how to use them. We've also been car shopping, trying to work out what we can get with our money. We haven't bought anything yet though.

I've started a routine of running, physical training at the gym and studying in the afternoon. There's a good place to study on Dote-machi, the main street in town, though the wireless network is only available if you are already a member of NTT's 'flet's' network. Things like that are a bit different here and it'll take a while to get used to it, but we've got plenty of time.

These fugu were at the docks, where all the local fisher men and women were bringing in their catches.

These fish were not fugu, but they were good to eat. We went to a noodle place in Itayanagi and they were just stuck there in front of us. I had to have one.

I had a light cold, and on my Mother-in-law's advice I prepared myself for bed.

On the evening after the visit we made to the fishing ports, we went to Cafe Lemon's new location for some live jazz. They were good, and my favourite number of them all was a rendition of Norwegian Wood, by The Beatles.

I felt sorry for the octopus, being very much outside of its comfort zone. The Angler Fish beside it was alive too, and was equally as ugly as its eight legged friend.

The following shots were from the local snow festival. I met up with Andy Russell in the late afternoon for a beer. We went to Cafe Zilch and I was lucky enough to bump into a couple of other familiar faces there as well. From there, I went to the park for the festival and met up with Aki and her family. It was the usual gig, but more people were there this year. I'm not surprised since tourist advertisements for Aomori are plastered all over the train stations in Tokyo. It needs the business as things are generally looking slow up here compared to Tokyo and Utsunomiya.

This one I took at Yayoi. I went to the mountain trail with my snow shoes and managed to get about halfway up. I had no intention of a full mountain climb today, as the snow condition is way too unstable, and the weather is a bit changeable as well. I felt a bit sorry for this old shed though, which stood among the apple trees at the bottom.