Saturday, January 10, 2004

It's six thirty now, and I haven't been out of the house yet. I said I was going skiing today (Saturday), but decided against it since there's going to be a lot more snow tomorrow. I don't think I can manage two days in a row with my boots as they are. I have Monday off as well, so if it goes OK tomorrow I can go back for a second dose. It's funny, you know, because for about three months before the snow came I couldn't wait to get out there, mucking about. But now, probably due to my boots, and the effect they've had on my form, I'm not quite that eager. I still love being outside in the middle of nowhere though.
I'm actually going to buy a snowboard in a few days time, and I'm hoping that I don't have the same boot hassle with that sport. Enough about skiing.
I'm going out tonight with Aki and one or two of her friends. I think Hugh (Canadian guy in the other block of flats) is going to come as well because it'll give him the chance to chat up some available Japanese girls. I don't think he's had much luck in Japan so far, so we should wish him all the best. Monday is yet another National holiday, so no work for another two days.
We watched a zombie movie last night at Hugh's. Redneck Zombies. It was a classic mega low budget job with an inane amount of gore and stupidity. A lot of fun, to say the least.
I've got to go and pick Aki up now, cos she's been drinking already and we've got to go out and drink even more.
Take care folks...