Thursday, November 04, 2004

What I think about George Bush.

I really don't care too much about George Bush still being the president of the USA. I was hoping to see a new goofy face on the news every time I looked, but that's not important. What has pissed me off most about the last four years has been the support George Bush received from Tony Blair. I was disappointed in the 90s when it became clear that the labour party, while searching for an alternative politics to the trenchant ideas of the 70s and 80s, had overlooked the idea of political creativity and innovation for the ideological heritage of the conservatives. But when Blair started to publicly brown-nose George Bush over stuff like Iraq, for Christ's sake, I really started to spin. Really, it's not Bush himself that riles me. I'd probably not give a monkey's if he hadn't been getting so much support from a man that I actually have voted for in the past.

I'm not too impressed with the will of the American people, though. To think that the majority of Americans have decided that what Bush has stood for over the last four years is acceptable and desirable for the next four years is testing. I must say that I have a liking for most of the Americans that I meet, but I feel a little bit weird about this election result. To elect an American president who would simply make well-informed decisions and show some respect to the will of the global community is good enough, I think. But Bush has not done either of these.

So, if I want to respect the integrity and judgement of the American electorate, there must be someone in power in my own country who can at least disassociate himself with the irresponsible and downright stupid policies of the man America voted for yesterday. It's Tony Blair who riles me. And the British electorate who will probably end up voting him back in next year.

Saying all this, I didn't even bother to vote in the last election. They're all brown-nosers, the lot of them.