Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I'll eat my words.

Yesterday was a holiday. The sun was shining, unstifled like April - very rare for late July, and I had too painful a headache to go outdoors (I'd ducked into Hugh's the night before and had some shots of his still bloated liquor supply). Anyway, towards the end of the day I came round and dragged myself outside to get at least a smidgen of the rarely impeccable summer skies.

There's a whole mixture up there - colour, kind, texture etc.

I kicked myself for not being on the mountain, but soon consoled myself with the consideration that I'd already climbed two mountains this weekend.

They looked like thunder clouds but without the darkness.

At around 6.30pm I decided to get out of the city to enjoy the twilight elsewhere. Somewhere with a bit of space and quietness. I went up to Yayoi zoo, where I found myself completely alone walking around the grounds, just me and my camera. The gate was open so I went in. I was probably breaking the rules but I didn't care because I got some good shots from the campsite up there.

Yesterday was one of those days that reminded me why I took a new job here in Japan - most of the time I find it difficult to explain to myself exactly why I won't be in Tibet in September, and then Nepal and India until Christmas. But that was always plan B, and we all know that B-plans can be kept on the shelf, so I'll just keep looking forward to when it does happen, I suppose.