Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The ankle-biters, or, my first trip to a Hirosaki kindergarten (幼稚園)

Today was my first experience of life at a Japanese kindergarten. I took the morning off work to venture down the road where there is located Hirosaki's 文化幼稚園 (Bunka Kindergarten). I went there to observe a class by the guy whose job I'm going to be doing come August. It was cool. There were lots of ankle-biters running around being naughty and generally being cute without trying, and the teaching staff seemed so much more layed back than those at the high schools.

Obviously, the comprehension level was barrel-bottom basic, but the classes were only 20 mins each, which seemed tolerable, and there were only three of them. It all looked very energetic though. Look out Arnie, here I come.