Friday, June 03, 2005

Just a few hours left...

It's been a strange week. At times I've felt like my head was going to fall off, and other times I've felt just fine. Right now my back is killing me. The key lesson of this fasting experience was the one least expected before I started. That there are vast swathes of the global population who live their everyday lives feeling just how I feel now. Hunger: it's not something to be under-estimated. Starving to death has now become my number one 'worst way to die'. And that there are so many people in the world who systematically do so is one of the greatest crimes, since there is ample food available in this world for everybody. I know that some people live in areas where food is hard to produce, and that some governments employ horrendous policies that make it even harder, but the the biggest problem, as far as I can make out, is the consequences of global debt and screwed up trade policies. That is something everybody should take into account, since most people reading this post will probably come from those countries whose governments are firmly wedged behind the problem. I'm in no position to offer advice on how everyday people like yourselves can affect this problem, but there are charities out there, and powerful goverments who are accoutable to you. My only solid advice is to try a few days without food yourself and see how it affects your thinking.

Anyway, enough of the gloom and on with some food photos. Today I went shopping for the weekend.

Ooooooh, look at all that grub! From the top left we've got eggs, and dried fruit: mango, papaya, kiwi, strawberry. Then to the right of that there's peanut bread buns. Further to the right there's pineapple and noodles, and just below that there's butter, leeks and peanut cookies!! To the left there's tomatos, some wicked looking bread thing with raisons inside and sesame seed on top, and then there's the spicey samoln chops that I'm going to devour tomorrow for brekky. Bottom row there's vegetable juice and milk, followed by some thing called 'budou juice' (whatever that is?), bread and miso for later on tonight. My first meal is either going to be a small batch of bread and milk, or a half cup of rice mixed with miso soup.

Hmmmmm, dried fruits. I first became hooked on dried fruits when I came across Erica's left-over mango in Hugh's car one day. Ever since then I've been going mango mad.

I find it shocking that I can actually look at a bottle of vegetable juice and start drewelling from the mouth.

Tonight's the night!

Oh, and this is what has happened to my wardrobe.

The gap where my arse used to be.

I won't lie, there's too much room up front now.