Thursday, June 02, 2005

Progress so far

This is day four of my fast. I'm pretty hungry, but the urge to eat has died down a little. I've noticed that my sense of smell has become way more powerful, and everytime I brush my teeth it tastes really good. My stomach has been rumbling and even hurting at times, my muscles have started to feel weak because my body is now extracting stored energy from them. My tongue looks like a grey toxic wasteland from all the bodily toxins that are released when the digestive system is no longer used. My thinking is even more impaired than usual, so I'm taking extra care cycling to work in the morning, making sure I stick closely to the pavement. I actually feel very happy, which is one of the mental symptoms of not eating that I've already read about. Carefree would be a better way to put it. I've got a light buzzy feeling in the back of my head that I haven't experienced since I was at university. What happens is that all the enzymes which usually travel to work in your stomach are stuck with no work to do, so they turn instead towards the intestines and the blood stream, cleaning up all the waste that your blood cells produce in their natural course. Sounds pretty good I think.

I'm glad of doing this fast. Lots of people have contested my wisdom for going ahead with it, but I'm happy that I've got this far, and happy that I feel good enough to keep on going till tomorrow night. I'll definitely fast again in the future, but next time I'll probably take on one of those juice fasts. It's the same as a water fast but you're allowed to drink pure fruit juices. Next time I'll probably stick to three days. That's enough to clean your system out, and it's not so arduous that it puts you off doing it again. The original intention of mine for doing this fast was to win more mental control over bodily desires, such as smoking etc. I've never been one for moderation, but I always know when I've gone too far with something as well. However, I don't feel that simply by fasting I'll be able to change my self just like that. It'll take more than a few days not eating. It'll take a spiritual event, not just a physical one, and I'm not sure if I need changing anyway. There are some links below for those who are interested in the benefits of fasting. You'll find that fasting is one of the oldest medical remedies known to man, and that all the great philosophers and religious leaders have used it for their own health issues.

world health online

Shirley's wellness cafe

I've also considered fasting as a way to raise money for charities etc. Taking on a big fast would be one good way to raise money for starving children and other needy causes. Something worth thinking about anyway.