Thursday, April 21, 2005

入院する日 Going into hospital

Some folks may already know that I have to go into hospital today to have removed the piece of metal that has been holding my humerus together for the last year. I'm pretty pissed off about it because I can't eat or drink this morning (that's why I'm writing this blog right now) and the major reason is because I have to pay 30% of the costs myself (the other 70% is covered by national insurance). My private insurance company told me that they won't pay for medical expenses incurred after 180 days from when the accident happened. The bas**rds! Thus, after a night spent in the stuffiest, hottest and unhealthiest place in Tsugaru, with a throbbing arm and nothing to do all weekend, I have to fork out what has been estimated at 5 man (250 quid / 450 USD). This, I am sure, will turn out to be an under-estimate when I get to the front desk tomorrow afternoon. They'll probably claim that I ate from the a la carte menu or some nonsense like that.

Anyway, I'm not happy about what's going to happen to me over the next two days, but I will be glad to get rid of that piece of metal. I just hope they give me the damn thing as a gift or something. I payed towards it in the first operation, and I've had to carry it around for the last year, so I should at least get my 30% of it. Knowing that place they'll probably have someone in the next operating room with a broken leg waiting for me to get done. You can just picture it: "Sorry doctor, we'll just have to make do with seventy percent of it. He insisted."