Friday, April 15, 2005


今週 相変わらずいっぱい暇だった。でも昨日と一昨日入学生に英語クラブにすいての情報を伝わった。今日も授業したところなんだけどテキストから直接教えていたので生徒のためにちょっとつまらなかったと思います。週末の予定は 今夜 その有名な『よしともなら』という芸術家の自己紹介を聞く為にマグネトへ行くつもりで明日、朝早く起きて山に登ります。でも一時半にサッカーの約束があるので早く登らなきゃね。ね >0<。日曜日も友達と一緒に岩木山に登ります。今回 皆 頂上まで登りたがっていると思います。怖いね。。。。じゃあ、wish me luck!

I wouldn't imagine that even Japanese people find my posts in Japanese at all interesting; I do it purely for my own benefit. I usually get some interesting feedback from native speakers, which is good for me. However, if you really want to know what I'm trying to say, here is a rough, rough translation:

This week, same as always, I've had lots of free time. However, yesterday and the day before I handed out some information to the freshmen regarding my English club. I also had a class today but because we taught straight from the text book it was a bit boring for the students. My plans for the weekend are to visit Magnet tonight and listen to the self introduction of that famous artist, Yoshitomo Nara, and tomorrow to get up early in the morning and climb the mountain. However, at 1.30PM I've arranged to meet some guys for a game of soccer so I'll have to climb quickly, heh. Heh >O<. I'm also going to climb Iwaki with some friends on Sunday. This time, I think we all want to climb to the top. Scary, isn't it.... Right, wish me good luck!