Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Didn't just do nothing this weeknend

The temptation was there, but I didn't bite. This weekend I could quite easily have stayed in my apartment and sat around doing jack, but I managed otherwise. Like I already pointed out, this weekend I snowshoed. Yesterday I went to a very small mountain called kudoji, the kanji for which I can't seem to find on my computer. I snowshoed with a couple of local gals, and at the top I drank snow mixed with coffee, sponsored by Naoko. (Doesn't Erica look like a mack-daddy with those shades on.)

This is my friend Naoko from Nihongo club. She's not a midget. She just looks really small stood next to gaijin. Also, the snow makes me look about a foot taller than usual.

Kudoji was snow-shoe paradise yesterday. The snow condition was wet, but the day itself and the 'mountain' were fandabby dozey. It's not what I'd call a mountain, but it was a good bit of high forest to say the least.

Snuck in a quick one from the trail (Iwaki).

On a very unrelated note, after a long night's drinking last night, slipping into the dirty and unsuspecting pleasures of youth, and desiring grey skies and cold winds to keep me awake, I have decided to start birdwatching again when I finally return back to England. I miss my birds. And although I get quite the opportunity to look at birds when I'm in the sticks or on the mountain, I never have that birdwatching experience like I used to have back home as a young lad. Walking around some wildlife reserve with my old boy, or some other friend, dressed in a rain mack with binoculars hanging round my neck. As always in England, never too far away from farmers' fields or villages, and always on the lookout for foreign vagrants blown in by the wind. I miss those days. Mad as it seems, I also miss the company I used to keep while birding. The twitchers weren't a bad bunch.

When I was into twitching (obsessive birdwatching) I also used to play host to a number of nervous twitches. I used to pull wierd faces and play funny games with my hands; not uncontrolably, but out of some kind of impulse. I've never been able to describe it. Thus I used to feel uncomfortable with the term used to describe my other, more legitimate obsession (amateur ornithology). I still have the nervous twitches, less visible immediately, perhaps, but they are still there. However, I gave up birdwatching a long time ago. It must have been peer group pressure.

I think I've already mentioned this on my blog, but just for the record, this is the one bird I'd love to see while in Japan.

Steller's Sea Eagle