Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Broken Glasses

I sat on my glasses the other day and broke one of the lenses so I'm about to receive my third new set of glasses since arriving in Japan. I went to pick them up yesterday actually, but when I tried them on they were far too strong for me. I did have a bad feeling after the eye test they gave me, like I'd completely misunderstood the instructions. Oh well, I'm going back into the opticians today with what I have left of these pathetic looking things. They want to check the strength of my old lenses so as to determine the strength of the new ones. However, in the meantime I have to wear the broken ones in the office because I spend so much time staring at computer screens that my eyes would really hurt if I didn't wear them. I just hate walking around looking like someone just punched me in the face.

Yeah, I know. Kawaisou...