Monday, March 07, 2005

Won't bore you with the details...

...of my school's graduation ceremony on Saturday because the subject has already been covered by other JETs and they really are all the same. Here's a little photo snap of some happy 18 year old lads though.

Sunday was a good one. Got up early that day and headed out to Iwaki mountain. This is what it looked like on the way.

As you can imagine, when I saw the mountain looking like that I got all excited and sped off in a hurry. I went to Ajigasawa ski resort first for some turns through the trees, but in the afternoon I got down to some serious stuff. I went up to my old haunt at Ooishi shrine. I took my board and snowshoes, and the necessary contraption to strap the equipment to my back. I embarked and I struggled, but I got the spoils before the end of the day. I managed to get up on the first ridge after about half an hour. From the ridge I took these two numbers.

Looking upward towards Akakuradake. Licking my lips at the thought of drawing a sleek line coming down. And it was good. I made it up to about 700 metres and started getting, well, a bit too sweaty actually. I think my legs could have taken me up to about 1000m, but I just had to dry out a bit before I started waking the bears with my stench. The line down was better than expected, even though the snow was shaky towards the bottom. The stuff further up is still in good shape though, and I'm hoping it'll stay that way until next weekend when I plan to take on the full 1400m of Akakuradake.

Looking over to the other ridge.

This is Akakura shrine, snowed up to it's second storey windows. It's fun to tramp up and sit on the roof of this place.

This is one of the buildings that didn't handle the winter so well this year. The roof has completely caved in.

Snow banks that will probably take until May to melt. I'm kind of looking forward to the springtime now though. I could do with some sunny days and some decent pavement to walk on.

Oh, I can be such a dick sometimes.