Monday, February 14, 2005

Breathing Problems

No, not me, not today. But the fella sat next to me in this office. I originally just wanted to sit here and post a couple of photos, but this man's breathing is pure, unfettered madness, I have to relate it. Well, it's not that bad, and when I think about it it's a pretty tight complaint to make (excuse me, I don't like your breathing) but it's just so fast. He breathes at twice the rate I do and he's sat doing the same kind of work. It's like when you haven't shared a bed with anyone for a while, and the first time you do, you find yourself put off by the other's breathing patterns. I've shared a bed with some huffers and puffers in my time, but this guy's missus must have hell to put up with. She can't have had a decent night's sleep in years.

And not only is it the speed at which he breathes, but also the whistle he makes through his nose. I really like the guy. He's always been good with me, he's never been unreasonable and he always smiles, but sat here listening to his whistle is making me feel like having a heart attack. When he gets up to go into the printing room I take a big deep breath to slow my heart rate down, it's that nuts. He's making me all hot and exhausted.

Anyway, this wasn't supposed to be a complaint about the guy sat next to me, it was just supposed to be a couple of photos I took over the weekend. The road back from Hakkoda again. I went snowboarding on Friday (national holiday) and Saturday, and on the Thursday I had a ski class with the students at Owani high school.