Friday, January 28, 2005

Not up to much.

I'm not up to much these days apart from the usual snow sport activities. I won't bore you with all that stuff though. I did take a day off yesterday and I did go to Hakkouda again and I did have a wicked day in wicked snow. And that is pretty much that. However, here are some shots I took walking home from school the other day.

This is the five story pagoda in Hirosaki where we hung out on New Years Eve praying to Buddha (Is that how you spell his name?)

A sky with many lines, Kaji machi during the day. But don't worry, it looks really pretty throughout the night when all that neon lighting lures your vision away from the hideous Japanese street aesthetic.

Bikes set in the snow. These bikes have been parked outside the station since the snow first started falling. They belong to the sensible people who know it's too dangerous to ride on the roads these days anyway. Some people still use their bikes throughout the winter, mind you, cycling on top of ice and snow. It's usually really old men who'd really damage themselves if they did fall off.

More bikes in the snow.

When the sky clears during winter, the high pressure systems make for a very deep blue, and twilight hours are the most colourful.

These machines come in handy for shifting the snow about. If you wake up during the night you can often hear them scraping up the roads outside. After heavy snowfalls the roads round here get really chewed up and turn to hard ice overnight, so these things are indispensible. These particular machines aren't the most commonly used. The ones you see most of the time have these funny churning devices at the front to chew up the snow and spit it out on the side of the road. I'll show you a picture another time.

Sorry for the bikes in snow obssession. I tend to find bicycles very photo-conducive, and I like the snow quite a bit too.