Tuesday, January 04, 2005

How Real Men Iron.

Just when you thought I might come up with something remotely interesting to talk about, you find that this post is just about hot-waxing my skis. Yes, I took the step yesterday of becoming a true snow sports fetishist and started dripping hot wax all over my quiver.

After yesterday's rain, and consequential wet snow day on the mountain, I decided to get my hands on some hot-wax gear and give my board and skis a new coat so they'll run better. It was the first time I'd ever done it with hot wax, but I can tell you now that it made me feel like a real man! In the picture you can see the iron that I used to drip the wax onto the board and then I spread it evenly all over. I read a website first for application instructions, but it was pretty simple really.

I'm sorry for not updating this page so often recently, it's just that I spend pretty much every day skiing or boarding and I feel it'd be boring to repeat myself time and time again. I've posted these recent photos though. I hope you like them.

On New Year's Eve a few of us went to Aki's to spend time with her and her brother and sister-in-law. This is their new born baby Shizuku.

Later we all went to Tamenobu and met up with Steph, Taishi, Hugh and Paul. This is a picture of Taishi and Steph. Taishi is a Buddhist monk who happens to get time off on New Years Eve. You work it out.

This is Dennis the Menace (Jamie) and Aki. Don't know what they're looking at.

This is just a tree and a lamp post.

I'm going back up to Hakkoda tomorrow for what should be a filthy powder fest. I can't wait.