Thursday, December 09, 2004

The last two days

I'm sick of trying to put something catchy into the title field of my post page, so I settled for something informative this time instead. Anyway, first of all, I happened to have my camera with me last night at English club, and, coincidentally, all four members turned up. Yes, all four of them. Here they are, for you pleasure.

From left to right we have - Nao-chan the rose farmer, Saori the house wife, Taeko the English teacher and Miho the medical professor. It's a rare occasion to get them altogether, sometimes only two show up at a time. Besides, the discussion last night was an article that I picked up from Jamie's website.

I went to Owani high school today to teach some of the country bumpkins out there. I did just as much loitering about in the staff office at Owani as I do at my main school in Hirosaki. I managed to keep out of everyones way though. On the way home I took advantage of the spotless, crystal clear blue sky, and took some more mountain shots.

I'm strapping up on saturday for what might turn into an early end to the season for me. That is, if I go flying into a shallow rock or something like that. I'm going to strap my board onto my back using this fancy new apparatus that Aki bought me for my birthday, and then I'm going to hike right the way to Akakura dake, even further if the weather holds out. The first four metre stretch of snow I see is game as far as I'm concerned. And if I'm still in one piece after that I'm off to Hakkoda on the sunday.