Thursday, December 02, 2004

Yesterday and today

This is a photo I took on the way home from school yesterday. It shows a place that looks like a church, but I've never seen or heard of services being offered there so I've no idea what the building's used for these days.

Today I went back to Dai Ni Yougo Gakkou (school for kids with disabilities) for some of the craziness they've got on offer there. Boy was it crazy. We played a whole array of different games and sang songs and such like. I told them about christmas in England and how it's not the same these days as it was when I was their age. When it was time to leave they sang me another classic from the Dai Ni repertoire. According to the melody of Happy Birthday to You, they sang this little number:

Little Kenta could hardly contain himself we were having that much fun:

I don't know about Kenta, but I could hardly contain myself:

Dai Ni rocks gold!!

After my visit to Dai Ni I decided to drive up to Ajigasawa ski resort to see how the snow was coming along. I was quite surprised to see that there was so much of the stuff on the sides of the road. The slopes, however, are still lacking a good couple of feet. Although the top ends are looking very white indeed.

Ajigasawa ski car park, with the wonderfully designed Prince hotel in the background.