Tuesday, November 16, 2004

More from the weekend

Today would have been great on the mountain. It actually snowed in town last night for a short period, albeit wet and nasty stuff.

Here are some more shots from the weekend.

This is the small shrine at the summit of Akakura-dake. This summit, although just a 45 minute climb away from Iwaki-dake itself, has it's own separate spiritual attributes and is worshipped by a different religious sect to those who worship Iwaki-dake. I think the spiritual significance of Iwaki-dake itself is worshipped by those down at the big Iwaki shrine on the other side of the mountain.

Looking up to the last fifty metres on Iwaki-dake.

I don't think anybody's been buried up here. I think it's just a sign for tourists during the summer.

On the descent, below 1000m, everything starts to look autumny again.