Saturday, November 13, 2004

White mountain

I made my usual saturday morning pilgrimage to the concrete lavatory facility at the top of Iwaki mountain this morning. I set out at dawn, as I've been doing each weekend of late. Here are some shots:

The above shot almost reminds me of a scene from the bible.

Icicles were forming all the way up the mountain, but these were interesting because they'd turned orange from the tree sap.

In summer, this sign points towards Ajigasawa. But today it was pointing towards a big wide expanse of freezingness. Naturally, I went the other way.

And here it is. The sacred stack of breeze blocks that I scale rock faces to see every weekend. I felt a bit sorry for it today because it's facing the north west, which is where all the hard weather comes from. It must get absolutely nailed with ice and snow throughout the winter.

Here I'm donning my makeshift sweater-hat. I forgot to carry a real one so I was a bit cold at the top, where, as you can see, temperatures were well below freezing even without the wind chill.