Saturday, November 06, 2004

And then it was gone

It happened the same last year as well. The snow comes early on the mountain for a brief period, gets me all excited and then chips off again leaving nothing but this beautiful thick golden grass.

here's more proof if you need it.

Down at the shrine, preparations are being made for the winter. In Aomori, most folks protect their homes and gardens by nailing lengths of wood together, or by making little wigwam constructions to stop the snow from crushing their plants. Like this.

I'm not quite sure why these guys were building wooden protection around a solid concrete object. My only guess is that the statue was sacred (sacred concrete, typically Japanese) so he deserved a home for the winter. This picture below shows one of the huge pieces of rope that you get dangling in front of shrine doors. The bottom had freyed and five yen coins were attached.

Iwaki from a distance.