Saturday, November 27, 2004

Well, I went.

I went to the mountain today. A little bit later than usual, but I went all the same. I only managed to get up to Akakura dake though, which is at 1433m. I wasn't tempted by the ten foot visibility and the minus ten wind-chill that I could see as I looked out towards the main peak. I had to turn around before 1.30pm anyway - it was getting dark.

Some swine took the slats off the bridge so I had to risk myself trying to cross the river by the shrine. They must have thought that only a fool would attempt to climb the mountain at this time of year.

At about 1000m I strapped these badboys on. They came in handy.

I am trying to pull as straight a face as possible in this shot, but the wind was so damn strong and cold up there that I could hardly see.

Wrapping the concrete up nice and warm for winter. As sacred as it is.

Looking back towards Akakura dake, and the shrine in the foreground.

Don't know what I'm doing tonight, but I'm looking forward to my first ever Thanks-giving celebration tomorrow at Ajigasawa Chapel.