Saturday, November 20, 2004

The Mountain Lavatory Diaries

Today's climb to the top of the mountain could have been a lot quicker and a lot more comfy if I'd made the right preparations. Like a fool, I went up the mountain in my trainers. I somehow forgot to slip my hiking boots on when leaving this morning and found myself halfway up the mountain in the wrong footwear. Worse still, above 1000m I found myself trekking through fairly deep snow, and it wasn't until I saw the snowshoe prints on the ground that I realised I actually had my pair in the car but had forgotten to carry them. This is how deep it got.

Oh well, I made it up there anyway. It wasn't as cold as it was last week, but it was still ice-clad everywhere. This poor little fella had to put up with the full brunt of it. (The poor fella below).

This always reminds me of a grave. It must be the cross and the little patch of weeds in front of it. I know I wouldn't mind being buried up here when I die.