Friday, December 03, 2004

Mad in Margate

Today I was supposed to have three classes, but I was told just before the first of them that I wasn't needed. The teacher told me, with a childish smile on her face, just at the minute when we usually get up and walk silently down the hall to the classrooms together, that she had changed today's teaching plan. She was sat right next to me from eight o'clock this morning, and could have quite easily informed me before hand, but she decided to drop me at the last minute. She's a single fifty five year old woman, which I think explains some of her childishness. Reminds me of the old Smiths song, I Don't Owe You Anything:

You should not go to them,
Let them come to you,
Just like I do,
Just like I do.

(I Don't Owe You Anything : Smiths)

And maybe she'd taken a leaf out of Morrisey's book.

She's not all that bad, it's Morrisey who's bad.

Anyway, I decided to trash school for the morning and take a bike ride instead. If they don't need me, I don't need them. While I was away I stumbled across this old style Japanese place.

It's an open house for tourists to have a snoot around, up by Apple Park in Hirosaki. I had a snoot around.

Traditional fireplace, and traditional straw mats.

And in all her beauty,

Hakkouda mountain range, from the library in my school where I spent the afternoon today.