Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Sugoi yuki

While I officially donned my skis for the first time on Sunday, until now I haven't felt too optimistic about when exactly I'm going to get some good use out of them. Today saw what the natives refer to as 'sugoi yuki'.

My quiver, propped against the boot of my car. The little road that I skiied on is just in the background.

This is the little road with barely 20 centimetres of snow. It was a sad little affair, trying to get turns on a concrete road with such a pathetic spread of snow. But all the same I enjoyed myself.

This is today's sugoi yuki (heavy snow). When it comes down heavy in town, it'll sure as you like be coming down heavy on the mountain.

And it's still coming down, so I'm kind of looking forward to thursday when me and my fellow badass Hugh Je are going to check out the mountain.

And I got paid today! It just keeps getting better.