Saturday, December 11, 2004

Bears and their footprints

Got a bit freaked out today when I saw loads of these footprints all the way up the mountain path.

I'd thought that by know the bears would be well into their hibernation period, but obviously not. I didn't see one though, thankfully. I'd love to see a bear on Iwaki mountain, and I know that there are a few in the area where I hike. I just wouldn't want to get too close to it. It's a difficult desire to satisfy, really.

Last night I went out with the boys for an unexpected round of beers. It was the first time that I'd had a good few drinks all in one sitting for long time. I felt it this morning on the mountain. Hangovers are no better in sub-zero temperatures.

The lager louts Marc and Monte:

Monte's the one with the long golden hair. It was Marc's birthday get-together last night so it felt a bit like a special occasion.

Grinning, as ever.