Tuesday, February 01, 2005

My Dreams

I don't know why, but people are still dying in my dreams. I recently moved my bed from the far room into the living room because of the cold and it has been playing about with my sleep. I can remember times like this before when I've changed rooms, or moved to a different house.

Huge mound of snow. (Frequently in my dreams)

When I arrived at the kibbutz, for example, in my first week I must have dreamed about at least three murders, each of which involved me being the victim. I was sharing a room with Henning, a German guy and Conrad, a South African. They were both really friendly guys who showed no aggression towards me at all. And I had the same impression from the whole Kibbutz community; that they were a good bunch of peaceful people.

The dream I remember most vividly had this Ukranian guy in a black car with tinted windows following me down a street. The Ukranian guy was one of the Jewish immigrants who was there on the kibbutz learning Hebrew and working in the chicken sheds. Anyway, he wound down the window slightly and then he poked a sawn-off shot gun through the crack and pointed it at me. He was about to shoot me but I woke up. I always experience these wierd dreams when I'm sleeping somewhere new, I accept that. It's just that I've been in the living room of my house for three weeks now and I'm still getting involved in murders at least twice a week.

This time around I haven't been the direct victim, but just an innocent by-stander. I've been getting drawn into plots designed by other people to kill other people. Last night's was a very well planned murder by a group of people I didn't recognise off-hand. They were preparing to kill this one guy who was some kind of business associate of theirs, so they could take firmer control of the business. I remember a river and a dark room and some wires being set up to muffle the sound of this guys voice as he was being killed. He was going to be stabbed to death and I was supposed to be there to secure the location where the murder was going to take place. I didn't want to let on that I wasn't in favour of murdering the guy in case the murderers turned on me and killed me as well, so I decided to hide in the bathroom when the victim came in the room. The last thing I wanted to see was someone being stabbed to death. When I got in the bathroom I found that half of the door was missing and everyone outside, including the guy who was on the verge of being killed, turned and looked into the bathroom at me. Then I woke up.

It's really screwed up, and I think it's time I went back to dreaming about girls in bikinis. Anyway, it's much warmer in the living room and at least I can watch the TV from my bed now.

Guys clearing the snow by the station. (Not in my dreams)

This is my school's backyard. The big netting marks the perimeter of the baseball pitch. (Rarely in my dreams)

For those of you who feel bad for me because I have these dreams, don't worry. I've had them for so long now I don't even wake up in a sweat anymore. I just wake up and think "Oh well, just another murder. They come, they go", that kind of thing. I would like more bikinis in my dreams though.