Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Shocking News

I saw this young girl shovelling snow at the cross roads on the main street the other day. You can't quite see them from this angle, but she had on huge stilettos which looked out of place with the huge shovel in her hands and the huge snow pile she was working on.

The shocking news is that the school restaurant is closed today, leaving me with no other option than to go out and eat at some second rate junk-food peddling caff in town. I really don't like it when I can't get my bento, especially since I've brought my own chopsticks and noritama today. Noritama is rice-topping (little bits of dried seaweed and dried egg), which gives plain rice a bit more snap. I usually go heavy on the tsukemono (pickled vegetables) for a taste with my rice, but I've noticed people looking at me funny when I put so much on. I get the feeling the teachers at school think my tsukemono habit is a bit childish. And I've stood my ground until now, eating what I want to eat and not what they think I should be eating, but yesterday I cracked when they all gathered around in a circle laughing at me.

This old girl reminded me of a detective. She didn't detect me taking this sneaky little shot though!

This week I have nothing to do. I literally have nothing to do at school, along with all the other teachers, because of the end of term exams etc. I've been in the room behind the library quite a bit this week because it's the quietest place I can find and a good place to practise my Japanese speaking skills. But even then, as quiet as it is, there's always somebody hanging around outside the door giggling at my attempts to pronounce this akward damn language. I have such a hard time with the pronunciation of passive verb conjugations in Japanese, and an even harder time when the principle's hiding round the corner slapping his knees with the other teachers.

Sometimes I get the feeling I'm being picked on.