Thursday, February 24, 2005

Moonlight Snow-shoeing

Last night I acted on inspiration fired at me from Luke Elliot's post about moonlight hiking. He posted it some time ago, but yesterday I decided to give it a go myself. I drove up to Ooishi shrine, where I usually hike from in summer, but I could only get halfway up because of the terrible road condition that way. Anyway, to avoid making a long story out of an event that was fairly short-lived and introductory, I hiked around the fields in that area under the moonlight, and today I plan to leave work early and do exactly the same again. It was wicked to be stood on top of three metres of snow, looking inside the top windows of all the shrine buildings that I used to pass by, on foot, just two months ago. I got really scared of the dark last night and didn't quite make it to Akakura shrine, but today I'm going to start in the daylight and hike back down in the dark.