Sunday, March 20, 2005

Brown fields of snow

Now that spring has officially kicked in, the snow is starting to turn brown. The snow in town, at least. Evidence of this can be found, among other places, at the Iwaki River snow dump. This one of the many places around Hirosaki city where people have been off-loading their little white truck loads of snow. There are a few of these places, each at least the size of one or two football pitches, dotted along Iwaki river.

Not much to see here apart from brown snow, so on to the mountain.

I'd snowshoed up with my board strapped to my back the day before with Francois, Melanie and Eric, so today I decided to stick to the foot of the mountain and work my way through the forests and apple trees.

Looking up through the trees, hoping that the bears were still asleep.

I forgot my camera when we went up skiing on saturday, but if you check out Francois' website sometime next week he should have all his photos uploaded pretty soon.