Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Vegas Baby

I just watched Swingers again for the second time and it's fast becoming one of my favourite films. I think it's the bars and the nightlife in the storyline. Those bars and hang-outs just don't exist here in Hirosaki. And although it's probably a good thing, because I'd end up getting nailed all the time, and in the long run I wouldn't have payed off so much of my debt and saved so much if there were bars like that in this town, sometimes I just pine for nights out with a bit of flair. We came close last weekend at Papa Soul's dinky little shin-dig-gig on Kaji Machi. It wasn't a night I'd write home about, but it was a good laugh and we watched the sun rise which I haven't done in a while. For the good of my health, though, I know I'm in a good situation here in Hirosaki because there really are very few places for bored lonely guys like me to go out drinking.

Haven't been taking many interesting shots lately, so I thought I'd put out some re-runs. Aomori bridge.

I've had a stinking cold this last couple of days. I thought about where I might've picked it up, and the only interesting theory I can come up with is through my ears. Literally, I went and had my ears syringed the other day and the guy pulled two whacking great lumps of wax out. I could hear so much better afterwards. Anyway, I think the wax in our ears works as a kind of protective barrier against germs, you see, and after I removed my barriers all the germs got into my ears and down into my body, and here I am with a manky bloody cold and sore throat. I have to go to work though, it's the Japanese way.

One thing I don't feel like doing after watching Swingers is Pachinko. All the bright lights of the casinos in the Las Vegas shoots were cool, and I'd love to visit Vegas someday (for photographic satisfaction only), but the pachinko parlours in this town will never get their hands on my money. No way. I often go up to the doors of crowded pachinko parlours and take quick snapshots of the rows of guys and girls inside wasteing their money. You'd have to be nuts to waste your money on that nonsense.

You probably remember this one from about a year ago. It was taken at a school cultural performance in the shiminkaikan, or roughly translated (as always), the citizens of the city meeting place. These girls were representing Japan. The kids who represented Britain came out with pictures of the Beatles. Like Britain hasn't produced anything culturally interesting in the last thirty years. Anyway, my cold is asking me to go to bed with it now, so I'd better do what it wants or it'll only give me a headache tomorrow.