Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Dreaming of Food.

Actually, before I go onto the food issue, on saturday night I was in a dream where I was being gassed by overhead war-planes. I was staggering down a street in some town somewhere (probably in Europe) when poisonous gas started falling from the sky. I fell to the floor choking before waking up abruptly. Anyway, the twist is that on sunday afternoon when I went to check the front page of wikipedia, the daily front page article was about poisonous gasses used by planes in WW1. There could have been millions of other articles on the front page apart from that one. Then last night I had a dream about eating. This story is actually a lot less about coincidence and more about what I'm in the process of doing this week. I'm going the week without eating any food, and I just assume that last night's dream about stuffing my face full of banana pudding was something to do with me not having eaten for the last thirty hours.

After speaking to Hugh's dad the other night about ways in which I could gain better control over my body, and not have the opposite scenario where my bodily and physical desires control my mind, I decided to go ahead with a short fast. Hugh's dad, Jim, reckons that he fasted for up to three weeks before, and he strongly encouraged me to give it a try. The last thing I ate was a bowl of noodles on sunday night. It's tuesday morning now, and I won't lie, I'm hungry, but apparently the first three days are the worst. At first I thought of going the full seven days, but I want to climb at the weekend and there's no way I'm going up the mountain without some food in my belly. So the plan is to go five full days on water alone.

I'll let you know how it goes.