Sunday, June 19, 2005

More mist in the forest.

There were similar conditions yesterday to those I experienced last monday, as the clouds seemed to drift through the forest making my eyes wet and visibility difficult. The forest was very dark yesterday, and, as I forgot to go to the shop to get myself a replacement bear bell, I kept an air of apprehension with me until I got past the tree-line.

Anyway, since some folks seemed to appreciate last week's misty forest shots, I thought I'd take some more.

Me, my sword and my camp fire. The ramen didn't taste so good yesterday as it did last monday. The sword just sits there at the messy mountain-shrine where I have my fire. Well, I call it a shrine, but it's more like a dog kennel with a small concrete buddha stood inside. I'm not the first to have a fire there, as you can see there have been fires there before. Don't know why they need a rusty old sword at a mountain shrine, but it's good for cutting wood.

Another one for my 'Weathered mountain lavatories' series.

There were two birthday celebrations this weekend. One on Friday for Akiko, and another for Erica on Saturday. Happy birthday girls!