Monday, June 06, 2005

Where was the sun?

For those who were wondering what happened to the glorious sunshine that was forecast for today, I can tell you that it was above the clouds which were hovering at around 700 - 1000 metres. I was miffed to say the least when I got to the mountain this morning, seeing that the sky was a coat of miserable grey, but nicely surprised after I reached the 1100 metre mark to see it breaking through. I had the day off today because I've got to go into work a couple of saturday afternoons this month. I decided to use my free time wisely.

Ah, there's nothing better than whipping up your own little fire on the mountain and cooking yourself some cup noodles. I surprised myself with my own camp fire skills and had the noodles down in less than thirty minutes.

Nothing but clouds as far as the eyes could see.

Although I'm not in the slightest bit tempted to drag my board up there, quite a bit of snow still remains.

Today's cloud sat along the top of the tree-line, which made for a murky and rather scary descent. Scary because I'd mislayed my bear bells at the top.