Saturday, September 03, 2005

Too many eggs, and car crashes

I've had a penchant for yude tamago 湯で玉子 just of late. That's hard-boiled eggs for the likes of you and me. An ex-girlfriend of mine told me that I shouldn't eat more than ten a week for my health, and I'm sticking to that quota, but the damn things are so good and so available at Japanese covenience stores that it's hard to stick to my limits. Here's to eggs, and there simplicity. Hell, here's to chickens!

On a more serious note, I got run over by a car the other day. I was cycling up the alternative side of the road (which in Japan, is not the wrong side of the road. Japanese cyclists always cycle on both sides at the edge of the road.) And usually cars at junctions stop for cyclists who do this, but the car that drove into me didn't. I can't explain it, but I could see it coming, I just didn't stop. I knew she hadn't looked for traffic or cyclists from the other direction, but I just kept going. I was in the right, judging from how I've seen other Japanese cyclists handle the road, but I also know that Japanese drivers are very often thoughtless and careless about potential dangers. I think, at the back of my mind I wanted to prove to her that Japan needs more rules of the road. Not laws, but some basic rules and ways of dealing with the road. Anyway, she pulled out and she hit my bike and I fell on her bonnet, then fell to the floor and under the bumper, where I smacked my head against the concrete. The worst of the damage was done to my bike, which now has skewed handle bars. I have a small scrape on my face, and a scratch on my penis from where the bike was pushed into my groin. No other damage apart from that though. Oh, and my front wheel is slightly buckled.

I was in a bit of shock after, of course, so when I tried to tell her to 'be careful!!' in very firm Japanese language, I ended up saying ' now let's be careful out there' in very casual and friendly Japanese. She probably found that funny.

Let's all be careful, for each others' sakes.