Monday, July 25, 2005

Bizarre carcass on the beach

Going to need a bit of original thinking with this one. I have no idea what this creature is, or was, and it's been puzzling me since I found it at Shariki beach yesterday, close to Inari shrine.

It was about six feet in length and it's rear end resembled some kind of sea creature. However, it had a huge great rack of ribs around it's side, and if you look closely you'll see that it had furry skin.

The above shot, though I can only guess, is it's head. It had strange bone-like things coming out of the head area which looked like some sort of beak. I don't think it was a beak though. Do fish have great big rib cages like this?

And among those fish that do have big bone structures, which ones are hairy?

At first glance it honestly looked to me like one of those prehistoric sea alligators or something. Then I passed through my thoughts the possibility of it being part of a horse's body, but the back end looked too fishy for that. To give you some perspective, I put my bag next to it.

Any thoughts on the matter please let me know. It was a wierd walk along the beach. The beach at Inari shrine is still in desperate need of a clean-up, and in addition to the washed up mutant carcass that I found yesterday, I also came across a wierd, military looking box with Russian written down the side. I actually saw objects further back that looked like small missiles, but decided that they must have been strange fishing buoys. I didn't know what to make of it.

Below is the avenue of torii at Inari shrine.

A great day for solitary adventure.