Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Itching to climb

Temperatures are up, and for the first time in what seems like months the weather forecast is showing some sign of decent weather ahead. I am getting the most I can out of this season, having just bought a brand new snowboard and a brand new month pass for the ropeway.

Hakkoda mounds get no smaller, just bigger and bigger.

There's one thing I'm starting to miss though, and that's the quiet, hidden ridge leading up to Akakura dake. With temperatures as they are right now, it's looking likely that I'll make this year's first attempt at it. It's only 1400m or so, but with the heavy snowfalls this year it's bound to be very unfamiliar terrain even to a veteran like myself.

The 394.

Among the boards that were on offer to normal sized people like me, I could only find a handful of interest. There was a fine looking French job, with a swallow tail and a spear-head, but that's only good in the deep stuff. It'd just be difficult to turn on spring snow. There was a Karrimor board at Xebyo, which really took my fancy, but I got myself into wondering just how good a board could be made by a company that specialises in bags and camping equipment. There were a few others as well, all of which were just tall enough for me to even consider. In the end I bought a Head Matrix, for a cheap price. It supposed to be for begginers to intermediate level, though I can't really say much more about it.

Here she is having a face-lift.