Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Bit of 'ard work never 'urt nobody

So far this week I've had four classes observed by parents' (predominantly mothers) as part of 参観日 sankanbi, and each one has been a relative success. I still have six more to go, including the dreaded Friday Let's Go 2 class, for which I would ideally like to call in sick on the day. Once this week is over I'm in cruise mode until I fly back home for Christmas, whereupon auto-pilot will take over. Jossy, I want the finest wines known to humanity. I want them there, and I want them on the 24th.

Ozzy Chris getting some action on the 来い恋 koikoi wall.

I haven't been up the wall this week for two reasons. One being the need for focus on this parents' week malarky, and the second being the state of my hands. Climbing is tough on the hands, there's no second opinion about that. Beginner climbers have a process to complete before they can do anything worth writing home about. Your skin has to harden and your muscles need to grow.

My hands bled on Sunday, but I still kept going.

They're much stronger now than when I started, but they've a ways to go before I can start climbing the sharp overhangs and other such demanding routes. My whole upper body is in much better shape than just a few months ago, and I reckon if I keep it up for another ten years I might see the back of my beer belly.

Also, I strapped my board on my back for the first time this season on Monday, and headed up the Akakura line. For three hours I managed to get up to around 800m. And in ten minutes I was back down again. Was it worth the grind? ****ing right it was!! The snow wasn't champagne quality, of course, but it was a darn sweet run through the forest. Now, for the third week running I'm walking round telling people that "next Monday I'm off up Hakkoda!!". That's if I can get out of bed on time.